A more intense cinema experience
Video Wall
More turnover through drinks
Food Court – Menu Board
Increasing advertising revenue
Food Court – Cashier

Digital signage solutions in the cinema ...

combine efficient processes for large numbers of visitors with gripping entertainment and a lively atmosphere. The visit to the cinema becomes an eventful programme that fills the whole evening.

Solution Example - Box Office Menu Boards

The Box Office Menu Boards inform cinema-goers about what films are showing, screening times etc.

Success Stories - There possible uses are endless

This is shown by the following projects that have been implemented.

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We realize Digital Signage solutions in Multiplex Cinemas

The effect of digital media at the movies:

  • Increased ticket sales
  • More intense movie-going experience created
  • Effective management of stream of visitors
  • Visitors remain in the cinema complex longer
  • Increased advertising revenues
  • Increased sale of beverages, etc
  • Increased loyalty of movie goers
  • Targeted influence of consumer behavior
  • Reduction of operating costs over the long-term
  • Perceived wait times for visitors shortened

Impact through visual stimulation

Cooperation ...

CineEurope 2015

NEC Display Solutions, Intel, YCD Multimedia and Littlebit Technology joined forces for the first time for the trade fair presence of Coca Cola at Coca Cola an der CineEurope 2014.

The extremely constructive cooperation which saw every partner inject their specific expertise was most successful.